A cloud/SaaS solution for unifying online media and social media sources, be it phone, text messages, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, dropbox, etc.  Their technology grabs information from each media source and tracks it in their cloud.  It unifies addresses and contact information and allows tracking of conversations across media platforms, so a LinkedIn conversation can translate to Facebook, or your Text Messages can be tracked via Twitter.  Moreover, the technology stores basic data and then enables search functionality, effectively unifying Google Docs with Drop Box – this search functionality is similar to Google Instant, but it spans additional media platforms, increasing overall user value.  As such, it can act as a social media hub, but without the same fears of user adoption, as contacts can be extracted from any other social media network – this gives them access to the 600 million Facebook users and the 400 million more that exist on other networks, such as LinkedIn and Twitter.  This is arguably the hottest technology company in Chicago – one reporter from FlyOverGeeks claimed that Cloudbot is a hotter start-up than Groupon – regardless of whether this is true, it is certainly a market signal. 

See company #1 in the below article – Cloudbot (previously UberCMD)

Other references – MidVentures and The Next Web

Cloudbot just started seeking cash a few weeks ago, but already has warm leads with Lefkofsky and Keywell’s Lightbank.  They will get venture funding and it will be a very hot deal – groups will likely fight to get into it.  The founders are looking for notable value add from the investment firm and a willingness to consider a small seed round prior to scaling to a full sized series A.  This is an early look of an exciting Chicago start-up.

1-Pager – Cloudbot

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